Grow Smarter

Oasis Springs Farm uses a recycled shipping container to make a  productive hydroponic farm. The advantages of using a hydroponic system include:

  • Year-round production even in extreme cold and heat
  • Superior crop quality
  • Significantly improved crop yields
  • Crop rotation flexibility based on market supply/demand
  • No pesticides or herbicides used
  • Limited risk of crop disease caused by soil or animals
  • No harmful runoff or pollutants
  • All water is recycled and reused; uses less water daily than the average American household
  • Growing local minimizes carbon footprint of production and distribution


Climate Control

LED-03-198-870x870Oasis Springs Farm is outfitted in the latest technology, allowing the climate, humidity, and LED provided sunlight to be controlled every day, year round.  Climate conditions are measured and controlled by the in-farm systems to achieve optimal growing conditions, regardless of the exterior environment. Environmental sensors balance temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.  Water quality is measured and controlled through temperature, pH and sensors located inside the water tanks.



Watching our Plants 24/7

With an internet connection, Oasis Springs Farm is able to stay connected to its crops 24/7/365.  Through a mobile application we can monitor all the environmental components inside the farm. Notifications let us know about changes in climate and temperature.



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